Parts searching & Kaikado

Every shop has the place that should not be seen by the customers....
I have two , luckily same side next to each other,
my mini work shop and scrub room.So what I want to do is following
Partition wall with shelf as door
large vivarium as the part of the wall
compressor and vacuum pump
Most parts for the vivarium and compressor I
already found by dismantling old COKE fridge.There was very useful motor that I'm going turn into the
small air compressor and vacuum pump.
Two medium sized fans
two heaters and thermostat controllers.
ballast and light
and most important was
two 120 cm long 45 cm wide double glass panels
two medium sized and two small sized double glass panels
since double glass doesn't tend to fog it is perfect for the front part of the vivarium.
yesterday I went to find vacuum pressure switch for compressor
and metal bars for the shelf ,since it's going to bare a lot of weight it has to be sturdy
so I we been thinking of 21 mm x 21 mm for the frame and floor and ceiling stays
I went to local metal whole seller and was really surprised to find how cheap steel was
less than 10 bucks for 550 cm and that included cutting prices for easier transport.
I ordered two it should be here by the next Wednesday.
Vacuum switch is another story,no matter how hard I've looking I couldn't find one home improvement centers were useless only one had some catalogs with them but price of these were out of my budget.
I search on internet and find the way of making vacuum switch out of old cars distributor pressure switch.So I went to "Kaikado"
Kustom Car and Bike Builder shop to find one, old GM pick-up truck had it but I couldn't
take it off the the engine , manifold had some fucked up lock mechanism.I't was already dark and cold so I leave it as it is. maybe I'll have better luck next time.Meanwhile I enjoyed nice atmosphere in the garage and the shopMaru

cutout painting by Fudemae

Ceramic Dick Skull by Ken

"Cardinal Point"
1954 WL base

Hand made fairing , hammered aluminum

neat shit


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