Rants and precius little findings

Couple days back I went to home improvement center and find this perforated board very cheap.Since i have small workshop meaning limited storage space I thought It 's going to look nice and have that "workshop feeling "if I put it on the wall and with the metal pegs keep my tools on the wall.So I buy the sucker and put it on the wall,made some spacers with the planks so the pegs could fit in.It looked good.Now place where i bought it, is a not really big place which means that they do not carry too many things, like metal pegs for wooden perforated panels.So I start searching for these all around the city and nothing so I move further and still nothing at all.Recent metal rack systems with metal netting took over the market so all they have is just hooks which doesn't fit wooden boards.Now my question is why the f**k they keep making and selling those boards.I never saw any other usage beside for keeping tools and accessories on them,I mean who is going to buy this as a boarding panel,and spend next couple days just filling the holes so you can put wallpaper on it.If anyone know the other purpose please be nice and explain it to me. "Meaningless board"
Now on to brighter things,I've been cleaning storage space in my wifes place,and i find couple of really nice tool boxes,with plenty of old tools most of which is still very usable.Like pair of plumbing bobs,rod bender,Big Lupe light,leveler,some masonry tools,old monkey wrench,abrasive wheels etc...this things really make my day.
They don't made 'em this beautiful anymore

Lupe in pieces
waiting air blasting

Plumbing bobs

Old Pocket Knife

I have no clue what this thing is
probably bicycle "all-in-one" tool?


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