Kotoichi or antique fair... kinda...

During the festival days there was a number of side events like small free market, vegetable market,and antique fair... well couple of tables anyway but not to complain. I manage to spent my pocket money very fast on two findings.No name kerosene blowtorch with bit dented tank and two wooden pegs missing,only identification is pat no 199991.I tried to find it on US and Japanese patent sites but with no luck. Guy asked $35 for it but I make my way down to 15 $. Perfect Weekend renovation project.I also get me nice automatic drill,...yeah it Eco-friendly,no bits though,still look nice $10.
Kerosene Blowtorch and "Goodell and Pratt" automatic drill
Nice Lamp couldn't afford itold ceramic light fittings Table full of chisels and planers
ww2 militaria marine flag remind me of
Bruce Dickinson nice tabacco ire with dragon fly claspsbig brush price mere $230


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